Genealogy research is a lot like jumping down a rabbit hole: You never know what you’re going to find, and oh, the tangents!

JM Genealogy Research & Consulting can help you discover your ancestral family lines and create a vivid picture of your family members, their struggles and triumphs, and the sacrifices they made for their children and grandchildren.

Our resources are more extensive than those of a casual genealogist and we have access to extensive collections, both physical and digital, available through subscriptions and fixed pricing. All of our research is sourced, thoroughly examined, photocopied when allowed, and given to our customers with our final report on their family history. Copies of our reports are also available on USB flash drives. Pedigree charts are created and available through a GEDCOM file and accessible by our clients on a website.

Additionally, we specialize in researching Volga German ancestry, from their German and Danish origins, to Russia, and then beyond, whether back to Germany, to another European country, or to the Americas. Our principal researcher created and manages a website dedicated to connecting the residents of the village of Grimm, Russia. The website, GrimmRussia.org, contains thousands of names and details about people who lived in Grimm, connected from generation to generation, from 1766 to the early 1900s. We can go beyond Grimm and research people from any of the 106 original colonies established in 1766 and the 200 daughter colonies established in the mid-1800s.

Are you looking for a way to pull together the information you have about your family and create a published narrative for your family’s journey? Talk to us about our writing services where we can create a professionally published book that you can share with other family members.